Well Water Systems

underground waterwell system


Water Well Systems

Every house needs a clean consistent supply of fresh water and millions of houses in America get their water from privately owned well water systems. These wells depend on efficient pump mechanics in order to operate smoothly; our systems will provide you with steady pressure and no fluctuation just as it should be. From the moment your well is drilled, we handle all of your pumping needs. Main Electrical services, Control Wiring, Pump Protection, Electrical Outlets and more. We also plumb all phases of the pumping system, up to the house main valve, including running the well water lines on your property for water hydrants or main water lines from well to house, or house to out-buildings. We plumb in pressure tanks and all aspects of the pump system in the pump-house or mechanical room.

Tank Reservoirs

Not all places have an abundance of available fresh water. North Idaho Pump can install many different styles of home water reservoir systems that can store water for any need. Home, well water, industrial, irrigation needs, we can help you with any of your water storage needs!

North Idaho Pump installs many different styles of Fresh Water Reservoirs for potable water storage from 1200 to 9200 gallon concrete reservoirs and everything in-between.

Booster Pumps

What happens when you have an abundance of water that’s just out of reach? We install booster pumps which will maintain pressure over longer distances.

Whether boosting water from a city water main supply or private water system, we can design a system to fit your needs.

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