Quality work is North Idaho Pumps number one objective.  We provide class A services from pump systems to reservoirs using the highest rated and most durable pumps available. We guarantee all of our work for a minimum of one year and because we only use tried and true products our company will honor all extended warranties offered by the manufacturer.

You can count on us: With our 24 hour emergency service we won’t leave you high and dry. These pump systems are the best on the market and in the unlikely event of a failure we are one short phone call away from giving you the service you require.

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Residential and Commercial

Whether you need to bring in water or take away septic, we can handle your residential or commercial job from start to finish. We have fully liscensed electricians on hand to handle any other aspects of the work, so there’s no need to add an additional service fee to hire from outside of our company. We manage all phases of the project, including any necessary service after installation.

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Design and Install

We provide design and installation services with pin-point accuracy. Through diligence and attention to detail we can provide you with peace of mind knowing we are looking out for your interest.

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Service and Repair

We care deeply about our quality of installation and the longevity of our products, but sometimes things go wrong at some point down the line. We also provide world-class service to bring your entire system back to fighting shape.

Pump Systems

Our pump systems serve various functions from residential to industrial usage by removing water from sources such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and/or springs all the while circulating and maintaining pressure through distribution systems. Control systems prevent back-flow contamination to protect potable water sources.

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Lake Pumps/Irrigation

Irrigation systems are a important to keeping lawns, crops, and livestock well watered over long periods of time. Our irrigation services will ensure that you are getting the water flow that you need.

city aqueduct irrigation system

Septic/Sewage Pumps

“It was cheap,” are 3 words that should never be used when referring to your septic system. A reliable and long lasting quality septic system is one of our specialties (and covered by our warranty) and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs you never have to make. We can install the perfect product that meets your needs and accommodates your future growth… and waste.

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Not all places have an abundance of available fresh water. North Idaho Pump stocks many different styles of home water reservoir systems that can store water for any need. Home, industrial, irrigation needs, we can help you with any of your water storage needs!

Well Water Reservoir system


Let’s face it – sometimes water collects in all the wrong places. Whether you are digging a new foundation, leveling off a site, dealing with a rising water line, redirecting a new spring, or just trying to dry out perpetually wet or soggy ground. We can help you direct that water somewhere else and collect it for later use.

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Water Features

No water feature is complete without our world class pumps. Since they provide consistent water with the right amount of pressure to turn every water feature into a work of art.