Pump Systems


Pump Systems

Our pump systems serve various functions from residential to industrial usage. Removing water from sources, such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and springs while circulating and maintaining pressure through distribution systems.

Residential and Commercial

Whether it is for your home or your business North Idaho Pump company is perfect for the job.

Water Well Systems

Every house needs a clean consistent supply of fresh water and millions of houses in America get their water from privately owned wells. These wells depend on efficient pump mechanics in order to operate smoothly; our systems will provide you with steady pressure and no fluctuation just as it should be.

Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation systems allow a controlled amount of water supply to reach plants or agriculture helping them thrive in their environment. Our systems prevent accidental contamination by limiting back-flow and stopping water from draining back into the main supply line keeping your water clean and fresh.

Waste Water

All your wastewater pumping needs can be satisfied with one stop at North Idaho Pump company. We continue to set the standard for quality, value, and reliability for the customers who demands the best quality wastewater pumps available.


Let’s face it – sometimes water collects in all the wrong places. Whether you are digging a new foundation, leveling off a site, dealing with a rising water line, redirecting a new spring, or just trying to dry out perpetually wet or soggy ground. We can help you direct that water somewhere else and collect it for later use.

Water Feature

No water feature is complete without our world class pumps. Since they provide consistent water with the right amount of pressure to turn every water feature into a work of art.


We provide design and installation services with pin-point accuracy. Through diligence and attention to detail we can provide you with peace of mind knowing we are looking out for your interest.